The BBC on The Most Hated Family in America

This is a great documentary filmed by the BBC showing the inside of the Phelps family, how they think and act and their version of why they picket the funerals of dead soldiers. They really believe they are sending a message of love and that the rest of the world (including Christians of other denominations which are not the Westboro Baptist Church) are doomed to hell for eternity. “God hates fags” is their motto and the head of this sect is pastor Fred Phelps.

You probably don’t like them (I know I don’t) but I have to admit that, unlike most Christians, these people take the Bible seriously and openly admit that their god is not only a god of love but also a god of hate. They are also famous for thanking their god for natural disasters and sending people to hell since they rejoice when “divine justice” punishes the “iniquities” of us mortals. You may remember this case when they rejoiced the death of two amish girls that got killed by an animal, saying that the wrath of god came upon them because the amish community “created their own form of righteousness”. They brainwash their children from the day they are born. They hate pretty much everything but do not understand why they are so hated. I wonder why…

These are sick sick people but again, they take the Bible seriously. Just imagine for a moment how it would be if every Christian took that book seriously and followed it as they are supposed to. Let that sink in for a second…

Pseudo Christians don’t seem that bad now.

You can learn more about the Westboro Baptist Church here.


About spagmonster

The spagmonster is an ex fundy who was raised as a conservative Christian. His father was a preacher and the owner of the churches he would attend when growing up, so he got to see everything from the inside. After being exposed to real world knowledge and science, the spagmonster slowly started to become a non believer in mainstream religions until he started this blog. That´s when he sat down and thought ¨Huh... I think I´m an atheist¨. The deconversion process was complete. Cheers!

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