“Jesus Camp” Becky Fischer teaches kids in Singapore how to raise the dead

This is the infamous Jesus Camp lady, remember her?

I personally found the following video really hard to watch and had a difficult time going through the whole thing. When I finished I found myself baring an expression of pure disgust. This crazy lady, which you may know from the “Jesus Camp” series, is a child abuser and manipulator, an evil disgusting disturbing shitty pseudo human with no sense of morality. A brain-washer twisting the most vulnerable of all: children. Watch for yourself:

I won’t take it all on her although she is the visible face of all this. This is something that is not put together by her alone. I won’t get into how they put these “camps” together but I can judge from this video that she clearly has staff working with or for her and that those kids are put in there by their parents and that she has a structure which provides financial aid for all of this to happen. In Singapore.

In this clip she has two children play dead (a female and then a male) while the “audience” “resurrects” them in the name of Jesus. This lady and her staff are so messed up that they teach resurrection to kids that probably still believe in Santa Claus and the tooth faerie as real facts. I wonder how many times she actually resurrected something really dead in real life. My guess is none and she is a deceiving liar by teaching this to kids.

What are your thoughts on abusing children and neglecting them real knowledge by teaching them lies through the use of morbid games?


About spagmonster

The spagmonster is an ex fundy who was raised as a conservative Christian. His father was a preacher and the owner of the churches he would attend when growing up, so he got to see everything from the inside. After being exposed to real world knowledge and science, the spagmonster slowly started to become a non believer in mainstream religions until he started this blog. That´s when he sat down and thought ¨Huh... I think I´m an atheist¨. The deconversion process was complete. Cheers!

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