Bryan Fischer: Women are the cause public policy is in trouble

Bryan Fischer, who hosts the talk radio program Focal Point on American Family Radio, states that men should be the only leaders in home, church and state because “this is how god designed us”. He states that we got in trouble in public policy because we got away from “masculine characteristics of public policy”, which has been feminized and no longer has “stability, rule of consciousness, rule of law -which is fairness- and vigilance”. Instead it is driven by “sensitivity, warmth and fear” which are characteristics of women. Check it out:

Yeah Bryan, right… Your douchebaggery is really astonishing. Not only do you undermine women but you fail to see that the world in general has been always ruled by men (and look what it looks like). Even your god is a man but then, what do I know? I’m sure it was the ladies who ran the crusades by taking orders from pope-girl. I’m sure Eva Braun was the real mastermind behind the Nazis. And what about all those Taliban girls blowing themselves up all over the place? Oh yeah, let’s go after all the nun child molesters! I’m sure that if we remove them then the catholic church will gain it’s respect back (the one they always imposed by force and fear… fear imposed by men, men like you who impose fear of eternal damnation you idiot).


About spagmonster

The spagmonster is an ex fundy who was raised as a conservative Christian. His father was a preacher and the owner of the churches he would attend when growing up, so he got to see everything from the inside. After being exposed to real world knowledge and science, the spagmonster slowly started to become a non believer in mainstream religions until he started this blog. That´s when he sat down and thought ¨Huh... I think I´m an atheist¨. The deconversion process was complete. Cheers!

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