This is how I see your Religion…

…or at least the surface of it. See how this makes absolutely no sense. Once it´s over, watch it again but this time replace the Watering Can with the symbol that represents your religion and think with an honest heart and an open mind: Do your rituals really make sense now? Are you able to notice that ALL religions follow these same patterns, including yours?

Behold! The Crazy Watering Can lives!

If you´re performing rituals then you are being demanded to follow mindless orders. Think about it and think about this: ¨because everybody else does it¨ does not make it right or true. Pop the Bubble, because that´s all religion is.


About spagmonster

The spagmonster is an ex fundy who was raised as a conservative Christian. His father was a preacher and the owner of the churches he would attend when growing up, so he got to see everything from the inside. After being exposed to real world knowledge and science, the spagmonster slowly started to become a non believer in mainstream religions until he started this blog. That´s when he sat down and thought ¨Huh... I think I´m an atheist¨. The deconversion process was complete. Cheers!

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