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How God favors evil

Found this at the DarkMatter2525 YouTube channel.


Pastor Mark Driscoll: “I see things”

I think I’ll put this under “Humor” since besides trying to convince people that he has a mental illness, he said “I don’t talk about this” in front of a huge audience while being video recorded knowing that his videos get uploaded on YouTube.

Oh, and he told a husband that his wife had cheated on him. In a counseling session. Way to go, idiot.

I think I should consider adding a new Category: “Liars”. Oh, I already have one called “Lies they tell”. Maybe “Jerks”…


I called him an idiot but he’s the one making the money. A Youtuber corrected me. The people who listen to him are the idiots. He’s still a jerk though.

This makes as much sense as the religious theories…

…which is none.

I KNOW God Exists!!

Found this over at DomOnesPhilosophy’s YouTube channel.

This is how I see your Religion…

…or at least the surface of it. See how this makes absolutely no sense. Once it´s over, watch it again but this time replace the Watering Can with the symbol that represents your religion and think with an honest heart and an open mind: Do your rituals really make sense now? Are you able to notice that ALL religions follow these same patterns, including yours?

Behold! The Crazy Watering Can lives!

If you´re performing rituals then you are being demanded to follow mindless orders. Think about it and think about this: ¨because everybody else does it¨ does not make it right or true. Pop the Bubble, because that´s all religion is.

Brian Greene: The Search For Hidden Dimensions

Dimensions. I´m fascinated by them! So here I leave you with a short presentation on the theories of multiple dimensions presented by Brian Green, explaining how extra dimensions may solve several problems in physics, and gives his stance on the possibility of a “multi-verse”, or multiple Universes. All of this is brought to you by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science:

What do you think? 🙂

The pootin´ preacher

I take this as an example of how stupid you can be but if it´s in the name of Jesus you will gain some type of acceptance. This dude had his own show and judging from the first video it seems he had many viewers who took him seriously. Enjoy!

More? 🙂



If God were a Firefighter…

…We´d be really screwed:

A personal relationship with Jesus

Awesome video by NonStampCollector showing the flaws in the claims of a personal relationship with Jesus. This applies to all other deities as well.