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No more denying this

This statement is from scientists in Iowa regarding global warming:

“All major scientific societies and the US National Academy of Science have affirmed that the recent rise in greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere has contributed to changes in our climate. We urge all candidates for public office at national, state, and local levels to acknowledge the overwhelming balance of evidence for the underpinning causes of climate change, to develop appropriate policy responses, and to develop local and statewide strategies to adapt to near-term changes in climate.”

This is going to get worse and it is our responsibility to make things better. What can you do then? Use public transportation, ride a bike to work (and get healthy while you’re at it: it’s a win-win situation), turn off the lights in the rooms you’re not using, use clean energy, recycle and most important: educate yourself so you can talk about this to others, specially to the climate change deniers. It should be no surprise that many climate change deniers happen to be creationists. But it gets worse when we see that the conservative politicians who influence these creationists are also denying this. Michelle Bachmann downplays human impact and says that most of the CO2 comes from the oceans and Mitt Romney declares himself a “skeptic on global warming science” and the infamous clown Rick Perry says that scientists are manipulating data. Enough said.

According to this study:

“The poll canvassed views on climate change among the “major religious traditions” in the US. Surprise, surprise, it shows that “white evangelical Protestants” were the group with the lowest level – 34% of those surveyed – of acceptance that there is solid evidence that global warming is real and that it is attributable to humans. This compares with 47% of the total US population (still startlingly low), and 58% of those surveyed who “had faith” but who were unaffiliated to any particular religious tradition.”

Here is a great list on why Republicans deny climate change with all the items explained in detail.
If you are interested in keeping up with climate change news, The Guardian always has great articles on their section dedicated to global warming.
There is always hope 🙂