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Bill Wiese, author of “23 Minutes in Hell”, describes Hell.

Have you read this book?

If you haven’t then don’t worry. It’s pretty much summed up in this presentation on one of Bill´s tours to promote his book:

I remember having seen some of this when I was a believer and I remeber being really frightened by this stuff. I would find myself begging for some ¨Jesus forgiveness¨ after viewing some videos on YouTube that would refer me to this man who would explain what hell is like, how you absolutely don’t want to go there, the tortures that await the unbelievers and how “ungodly” this place is. Begging for forgiveness and why is something that remains unclear to me since I would ask for forgiveness for my “sins” even when I was not ¨sinning¨ but had I already asked before. This would make me wonder: why isn´t asking for forgiveness only once not enough in the first place?

Anyway, back to the point.

I just saw this again after a few years of having watched his videos for the first time and noticed how absurd all of this is. I can clearly see how the believing mind may be affected by these stories and even convinced. I was not convinced this time. Quite the contrary: I found it absurd and even funny. I pictured kids telling each other campfire ghost stories and getting all frightened up by the boogie man. I came to the conclusion (it wasn’t hard) that this man is probably a lying manipulative actor who is interested in selling his book to make a profit. Notice the audio and video for psychological effect.

Now notice that I used the word “probably”. Why? Maybe he did have a bad dream, I don’t know. We know that after many years of telling his story he was convinced of writing his book. Maybe he decided to add a little extra salt or maybe he is remembering things that never happened. That I don’t know. In my personal experience, when I was a kid I saw a ghost. I was convinced I saw a ghost floating at my doorstep one night while I was in bed. Did that really happen? We’ll, I grew up telling that story and I would add things like “the ghost had no legs but she has a white nightgown, a white face and she has white hair” and doing some research I found that this fits the description of a banshee, so it went from ghost to banshee. Did I really see all those details in my frightened little mind or did I make them up as time went on? Was my ghost just a bad dream? Did it happen at all or did I make it up to impress my friends and on the long term I convinced myself of her “reality”? If I wrote a book about it right now I could add many details and back my story up with Irish Mythology. I think that is exactly what Bill Wiese is doing here. Either he is a liar or he himself is deceived by his own story. He states that he could feel hell just as if he we’re talking to you or me. It was that real according to him. We’ll, I’ve had my “real” experiences too so I can relate: one of them is Sleep Paralysis where I could not move a single muscle while laying in bed and I felt hands pushing me down. Demons and witches? No. Science. I’ve had my share of OBE’s too. Also explained by Science.

So that’s my way of not having to call him a complete liar. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

These are the key points I got from his presentation:

  • You literally cannot go on living after experiencing Hell

Uhmmm Bill… you’re alive and well. You don’t even seem to have major psychological issues after experiencing Hell. I would imagine a person would go at least crazy insane if this ever happened to him or her. If this happened to me and I we’re to be sober somehow after this experience, I would be begging people to listen to me, to believe me. I wouldn’t say things like “don’t take my word for it, I just want you to know the Bible”. I would be begging at least my family and loved ones to listen to me.

  • It is so hot you should be burning, getting absolutely consumed

Quite a sober mind for a situation like this. If I we’re burning up in an oven I’m not so sure I’d think “wow it’s hot, why doesn’t my flesh peel off?”. I’d imagine myself jumping all over the place, trying to get the Hell out of there.

  • He could barely move because movement comes from god

Yet he was able to look up and see demons. Demons that had no trouble moving and smashing his ass against a wall. The people in the fire could move too. Snakes and maggots could move as well. Do demons, fire people, snakes and maggots have god?

  • There is no life in hell

What do people, snakes and maggots have in common? If they can move they are alive. Bill explains he had trouble breathing. You need to breathe air to keep yourself alive. Also if you feel pain you are alive.

  • Sickness comes from the realm of darkness

Take that Science! It’s not bacteria or bad cells or viruses, it’s demons! Bill 1 = Science 0. Whacha got for me evolution? Huh? Explain that!