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The Duggars on why Rick Santorum should be President (and my answers to their “reasons”)

Watch this and try not to laugh and cry at the same time:

Key points:

  • Rick cares about my future

If you’re a Christian, you are safe. What about the rest of us atheists, agnostics, skeptics, people of other religions, nones, etc.? Let’s start with the fact that he’s a hardcore homophobe who wants to make sure he does everything in his power so they don’t have the rights the rest of the population enjoys. He wants to convert the United States in a Theocratic Nation, where the Government rules are based on Biblical commandments (Ten Commandments. I hope he leaves the stoning out of the picture). He wants to wage a war against Islam. The religion. How?

What must we do to win [against Islam]? We must educate, engage, evangelize and eradicate

Great. I think he cares more about MESSING UP everybody’s future. Oh, he also hates real education. I imagine high schools teaching the water cycle using the story of Noah and open windows in the sky under Santorum’s Presidency. Better yet: Hardvard teaching that the earth was created in six days. With professor Ken Hamm! Now that’s real science!

Conclusion on this point: Santorum cares that you become an ignorant bigot in the near future (if you’re not one yet).

  • 100% pro life

Let’s put it this way:

In 97, Rick Santorum campaigned for the abortion-promoting governor of New Jersey,

Christine Todd Whitman.  Governor Whitman has deep associations with radical abortion-supporting groups, Republicans for Choice and Republican Majority for Choice. In fact, Governor Whitman was an active proponent of partial-birth abortions

Let’s forget about that for a minute. What about a pregnant woman that has been in an accident and cannot support the baby because she lost too much blood? What about diseases that require abortion, such as severe diabetes? And then there’s always the classic rape case. What if the mental sanity of the woman is at stake? Oh, right. According to Santorum, a pregnancy through rape is a gift from God.

I wonder what would happen if one of his daughters got raped and pregnant… Wonder no more, here it is!

I like that there are a lot of Christian web sites exposing Santorum on this matter. I wish the bigots would listen. Too much to wish for, right? OK, I’ll pray for them to listen… No? Didn’t work? Oh well, let’s try to get this info out to as many people as possible then (what? actually do something about it?)

Conclusion on this point: **facepalm**

  • Honest

When you lie about Iran, Islam, religion, science, education and The Constitution, can you be called honest? Just google “Rick Santorum lies” and you’ll find a lot of Rick Santorum being dishonest and lying about different matters and issues.

Conclusion on this point: He’s not honest.

  • Strong National Defense

Just make sure to keep the gays out. They have no part in the Military. No? Watch:

Conclusion on this point: **facepalm**

  • Knows how to cut government waste

I’m sure he’ll bring our troops back so we can spend Trillions of dollars on healthcare instead of spending that amount on death so corporations can keep making profit for the benefit of Banking systems while they piss on the people! Oh right, he wants to wage a war on a religion, spending Trillions of dollars more. He wants to create a Theocracy: I can already smell all the lawsuits the government will be paying with tax payers money. Tax payers who don’t agree with him. I’ll stop here.

Conclusion on this point: I better start digging. Gotta have a shelter when the nukes pop. Or get a job working in the subway.

  • Family Values

As long as we’re talking about traditional bigoted Catholic closed minded values which have no respect for alternative families that would get lot’s of kids out of the streets, providing them with love, education and a decent childhood.

Conclusion on this point: Rights for everyone will solve many many problems.

  • Defending the constitution

Cool. How about the first amendment?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

Conclusion on this point: My face is starting to hurt.

  • Pro life judges

Only Judges that defend his point of view.

Conclusion on this point: Viva the Land of the Free!

  • Nice guy and funny

Nice guys do nice things for everybody regardless of beliefs and sexual orientation. And he’s not funny.

Conclusion on this point: Not funny.

CONCLUSION: Stop telling lies and STOP brainwashing your kids, Duggars.


Dennis Terry wants non-Christian to leave the United States…

He also wants Church and State to be the same thing. He wants to put (the Christian) God back in “our pulpits” and “our homes”…

These people just don’t get it. The founding fathers wanted liberty of religion (any religion) and they actually we’re escaping the Church-State union. The Church and State we’re and are to be kept separate, and the United States was never a Christian nation to begin with.

To make things worse, this speech was given as an introduction to presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Yes, Rick Santorum want to unite Church and State and turn the United States in a Theocracy. Santorum has been quoted saying that Church and State separation makes him want to throw up. If I we’re a believer, I would pray for that to never happen. I’m not, so I can just hope and vote someone else.

Pastor Mark Driscoll: “I see things”

I think I’ll put this under “Humor” since besides trying to convince people that he has a mental illness, he said “I don’t talk about this” in front of a huge audience while being video recorded knowing that his videos get uploaded on YouTube.

Oh, and he told a husband that his wife had cheated on him. In a counseling session. Way to go, idiot.

I think I should consider adding a new Category: “Liars”. Oh, I already have one called “Lies they tell”. Maybe “Jerks”…


I called him an idiot but he’s the one making the money. A Youtuber corrected me. The people who listen to him are the idiots. He’s still a jerk though.

This Preacher has his facts really, really wrong…

Found this at Stuff Fundies Like.

This preacher dude says that America should not apologize to other Countries since ¨America¨ is ¨the greatest country in the world¨, has always used it´s powers for good, that the Baptists rebuilt Japan after WWII and that Japan has Baptist Churches all over the place…

  1. He does not know a single thing about History. The United States has not always used it´s military powers for good. And that´s just military. There have been political abuses as well.
  2. Japan is full of Baptist Churches? Come on, it´s one of the most secular countries in the world. Although they do have some Baptist Churches, they have also had Baptist Churches prior to the war and they also have other Christian denominations competing with each other and even though they have all of this, Christianity in Japan is less than 1% of the entire population. They also offer full religious freedom: you can be whatever you want to be, but it is estimated that 64% of the Japanese population does not believe in a God in general.
  3. HEY!
  4. Assuming that the Baptists did indeed rebuild Japan, I ask: what did they use? Bibles to rebuild the destroyed cities? Back to reality… really, 400 Baptists rebuilt Japan? With their King James Bibles? Actually I found a quite different version:

Anyway, people listen to these lies and repeat them mindlessly while doing the ¨lalala¨ thing and you may show them all the evidence in the world but they will continue to trust their Pastor over real facts. Liars like these should not be leaders. I don´t know if he does this on purpose or out of ignorance but he cannot be up there, ¨teaching¨ and instructing ignorant souls. And that ¨Hey!¨ thing is really annoying.