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Standing on the shoulders of Giants


David Barton: Intolerance of homosexuals is a sign of spiritual revival

Why do these people persecute so much and pretend to be the persecuted ones? I think that fundamentalism is a mental disease. If people like these gain real power, we better start running, because they WILL come after everyone who does not think like them. It happened before, it can happen again.

See the difference

Prayer: How to do nothing and feel good about it.

Straighten him out

I KNOW God Exists!!

Found this over at DomOnesPhilosophy’s YouTube channel.

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This Preacher has his facts really, really wrong…

Found this at Stuff Fundies Like.

This preacher dude says that America should not apologize to other Countries since ¨America¨ is ¨the greatest country in the world¨, has always used it´s powers for good, that the Baptists rebuilt Japan after WWII and that Japan has Baptist Churches all over the place…

  1. He does not know a single thing about History. The United States has not always used it´s military powers for good. And that´s just military. There have been political abuses as well.
  2. Japan is full of Baptist Churches? Come on, it´s one of the most secular countries in the world. Although they do have some Baptist Churches, they have also had Baptist Churches prior to the war and they also have other Christian denominations competing with each other and even though they have all of this, Christianity in Japan is less than 1% of the entire population. They also offer full religious freedom: you can be whatever you want to be, but it is estimated that 64% of the Japanese population does not believe in a God in general.
  3. HEY!
  4. Assuming that the Baptists did indeed rebuild Japan, I ask: what did they use? Bibles to rebuild the destroyed cities? Back to reality… really, 400 Baptists rebuilt Japan? With their King James Bibles? Actually I found a quite different version:

Anyway, people listen to these lies and repeat them mindlessly while doing the ¨lalala¨ thing and you may show them all the evidence in the world but they will continue to trust their Pastor over real facts. Liars like these should not be leaders. I don´t know if he does this on purpose or out of ignorance but he cannot be up there, ¨teaching¨ and instructing ignorant souls. And that ¨Hey!¨ thing is really annoying.

Don´t question my book.

Science vs Faith