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Einstein on Ethics


Your behavior matters more than your beliefs

The Four Horsemen

The following is an awesome table discussion between Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennet presented by They discuss issues regarding religion, morality and atheism among other topics. Notice how they can exchange opinions and even not agree with each other at times in a highly civilized manner. It’s nice to have an exchange of opinions when there is this kind of mutual respect. I wish we could discuss points of views like this with theists without them getting defensive all the time. Oh well. Enjoy!

For part 2 click here.

Who says Science has nothing to say about morality?

I found this great discussion on morality over at the Richard Dawkins youtube channel. Sam Harris responds to difficult questions on morality from a Philosophical and Scientific point of view. A must.

Religion is not the source of ethics

Sex Chart

Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0

Should atheists adopt certain aspects of religion? This is what Alain de Botton suggests in this TED presentation.

Robert Ingersoll on human rights

Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself

-Robert Ingersoll

What if I’m wrong? I’m still more moral than your religion.

Sometimes this would appear to be the message that Christians and Muslims like to spread:

When all other alternatives do not work, most of the religious types end up using the famous Pascal’s Wager “what if…?” which is a completely dishonest thing to do. My answer tends to be “How dare you threaten me with your mythology?” since the “what if” question implies that I’m going to hell if I don’t believe in whatever version of god the person I’m speaking to happens to believe in. Usually the persons who try to reconvert me are Christians since I live in a Christian nation, and having being raised a Christian, I still have many church friends. I like to point out “what if Muslims are right?” since the Muslim hell is far worse than the Christian hell. “If you want to really be safe from a horrible eternity, then the Muslim religion is the one you want to be a part of”. Right after this, the Christians I’m trying to reason with will usually start behaving like kids, pointing out that “they know” that their god is the correct one and lalala.

My point is that religion will make good, smart, honest people behave like asses for no good reason. They fight each other all the time, even when they believe in the exact same stuff. Look at the Christians: they all say that they have the Holy Spirit but they can’t agree on anything. It’s actually kind of funny in a sense and it sounds like their personal Jesus likes to tell everyone something different. You have all these 200,000+ religions that follow the same god, the same Christ and the same book and they fight each other all the time over dumb stuff like using wine or juice when performing the cannibalistic ritual or if women should use pants or skirts or if priests should marry or not or if they should use instruments on the Sunday service or not and the list of incredibly annoying stuff goes on. It’s really stupid, but what if…?

No thanks. If there is a god then it gave me a head that knows reason and I’m using it. If it knows everything then it also knows that any reasonable person who likes to question existence would find the stories in the holy books completely absurd. If it’s all loving and knowing then it would not punish people for questioning this universe and how it works or for being curious. I certainly would not punish a person for asking questions, specially if I’m playing hide and seek. If this god actually does punish people for not believing in crazy stories while hiding instead of explaining, then I, a mere human being, am far more moral than this deity.

Bryan Fischer: Women are the cause public policy is in trouble

Bryan Fischer, who hosts the talk radio program Focal Point on American Family Radio, states that men should be the only leaders in home, church and state because “this is how god designed us”. He states that we got in trouble in public policy because we got away from “masculine characteristics of public policy”, which has been feminized and no longer has “stability, rule of consciousness, rule of law -which is fairness- and vigilance”. Instead it is driven by “sensitivity, warmth and fear” which are characteristics of women. Check it out:

Yeah Bryan, right… Your douchebaggery is really astonishing. Not only do you undermine women but you fail to see that the world in general has been always ruled by men (and look what it looks like). Even your god is a man but then, what do I know? I’m sure it was the ladies who ran the crusades by taking orders from pope-girl. I’m sure Eva Braun was the real mastermind behind the Nazis. And what about all those Taliban girls blowing themselves up all over the place? Oh yeah, let’s go after all the nun child molesters! I’m sure that if we remove them then the catholic church will gain it’s respect back (the one they always imposed by force and fear… fear imposed by men, men like you who impose fear of eternal damnation you idiot).