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This is a hilarious Christian Electro-Rap…

…about Christians wanting to take your money. Why does God need money if He created the Universe? Oh yeah, because the church and the God of religions are the same thing and churches (humans, cough cough) need money. Oh well, this had me laughing for a while, then wondering: how do they get people to fall for this? Oh yeah, people will fall for anything.

Found this over at Christian Nightmares.


Don´t question my book.

Church encourages HIV patients to stop treatment

Church healers. Murderers. Can it get any sicker than this? We’ll, actually yes it can. Anyway, this is the 21st century and we still have Churches (usually Pentecostal) advising people to quit taking their medicine because they will be cured “if it’s God’s will”. The worst part is that we still have people falling for this crap. No? Watch the following undercover investigation by Sky News:

I always wonder: how does this happen? How do people still believe in this? Don’t the victims notice that this is exactly the way sects act and that they are actually attending one? We’ll I guess not, because I keep seeing this stuff all over the place. People get trapped in these sects either at a young age or when they are in great need. These places provide comfort to the “lost flock”. They give the ignorant masses a place that not only gives them comfort, but in many cases an identity. Not a real one, but we already know that.

What amazes me the most of this investigation is the story Emmanuel tells. Emmanuel has AIDS. He knows he’s not cured. He does not take his medicine. Why? The Priest told him that it does not take one day to get cured. It’s a process (I thought God could think the existence of the universe in an instant but miracles don’t work that way). Emmanuel trusts the priest. Consequence: he got his partner sick too. He still has faith in this disgusting Church though. My opinion: arrest the people that are doing this. Arrest that priest and that girl and that old “God’s will” lady and everybody involved in deceiving people in exchange for… what? noooo… money? really?

Stories like these are not rare and they happen all the time. There is a Church close to my place that if you touch their “holy sheet” (I love the sound of that), you will be cured. I’ve never been there but I plan on going when I have some time to see what they do. I know this because they leave their flyers all over the place.

This is the Church

Now I’m going to go out of my way a little.

Christian Science is far worse than this. Christian Science members who trust their leaders are convinced that God will heal them and their little kids and then end up murdering them out of ignorance because they fail to get the sick to the hospital on time, if at all. How is denying a person of his or her medication not murder if the person dies? (I will remind them of this the next time they protest euthanasia). How can these people keep doing this by the way? Why does justice have such a soft spot for Jesus creeps? How is it that Churches are still so immune to prosecution when we have Church and State separation? Who should be accountable for this? The parents? The pastors and other Church members who lead them to this form of ill thinking? All of them? If you’re an adult and you want to kill yourself because you rather listen to an ignorant Priest instead of a real Doctor then be my guest. But you better give those kids their fucking medication.

I personally think that the key is education. Educate the masses. Teach them that real Doctors heal and that faith can kill. As Christopher Hitchens said: “Religion poisons everything“. I agree.

Religious war

The Pope Benedict XVI doing the Nazi salute


The “Messengers of light”

In the following video you will see a (Pentecostal?) pastor speaking in tongues and causing people to faint (or so it seems):

When I watch this type of stuff I can only think that I’m really glad I started asking questions at some point in life, questions that have answers. Answers that led me to eventually becoming an Atheist although others will remain unanswered. I’m happy with that knowledge.

I see this stuff and remember when I went to church and all the nonsense I had to put up with. Although the churches I attended we’re a lot more conservative (there was no speaking in tongues and there we’re no persons falling down to the floor), I still had to see things like the imposing of hands or had to hear people saying that they had the gift of “providing the Holy Spirit”. Well, I remember of one person saying that anyway. He was a drunk too. I still talk to a person who says he has the gift of speaking in tongues. I ask him if he knows what he’s saying and the answer is no. He is currently trying to learn English since his first language is Spanish and I wonder why the Spirit does not give him the gift of speaking English. I guess it’s not in god’s agenda.

When watching this stuff I always wonder: What the hell is going on? Why do people get so immersed in this? Is this mass hysteria? IS THIS THE JOY OF THE SPIRIT? These people seem to be suffering. This preacher seems angry (like most preachers).

When this preacher decides to speak English again, he has his congregation repeating “Messengers of light” as if this we’re communist China. Please… If these are the people that go to heaven then heaven is my hell.

Why do churches need this money?


I don´t really get all this greed, do you?

“Jesus Camp” Becky Fischer teaches kids in Singapore how to raise the dead

This is the infamous Jesus Camp lady, remember her?

I personally found the following video really hard to watch and had a difficult time going through the whole thing. When I finished I found myself baring an expression of pure disgust. This crazy lady, which you may know from the “Jesus Camp” series, is a child abuser and manipulator, an evil disgusting disturbing shitty pseudo human with no sense of morality. A brain-washer twisting the most vulnerable of all: children. Watch for yourself:

I won’t take it all on her although she is the visible face of all this. This is something that is not put together by her alone. I won’t get into how they put these “camps” together but I can judge from this video that she clearly has staff working with or for her and that those kids are put in there by their parents and that she has a structure which provides financial aid for all of this to happen. In Singapore.

In this clip she has two children play dead (a female and then a male) while the “audience” “resurrects” them in the name of Jesus. This lady and her staff are so messed up that they teach resurrection to kids that probably still believe in Santa Claus and the tooth faerie as real facts. I wonder how many times she actually resurrected something really dead in real life. My guess is none and she is a deceiving liar by teaching this to kids.

What are your thoughts on abusing children and neglecting them real knowledge by teaching them lies through the use of morbid games?

The BBC on The Most Hated Family in America

This is a great documentary filmed by the BBC showing the inside of the Phelps family, how they think and act and their version of why they picket the funerals of dead soldiers. They really believe they are sending a message of love and that the rest of the world (including Christians of other denominations which are not the Westboro Baptist Church) are doomed to hell for eternity. “God hates fags” is their motto and the head of this sect is pastor Fred Phelps.

You probably don’t like them (I know I don’t) but I have to admit that, unlike most Christians, these people take the Bible seriously and openly admit that their god is not only a god of love but also a god of hate. They are also famous for thanking their god for natural disasters and sending people to hell since they rejoice when “divine justice” punishes the “iniquities” of us mortals. You may remember this case when they rejoiced the death of two amish girls that got killed by an animal, saying that the wrath of god came upon them because the amish community “created their own form of righteousness”. They brainwash their children from the day they are born. They hate pretty much everything but do not understand why they are so hated. I wonder why…

These are sick sick people but again, they take the Bible seriously. Just imagine for a moment how it would be if every Christian took that book seriously and followed it as they are supposed to. Let that sink in for a second…

Pseudo Christians don’t seem that bad now.

You can learn more about the Westboro Baptist Church here.