God works in mysterious ways


Catholic Priest caught having sex with a 19 year old altar boy on hidden camera

My verdict: Abolish Catholicism for their past crimes and all the harm that it does to this world currently, arrest the abusers and arrest the head of this sick organisation: The Pope. If the Nazis we’re abolished for their crimes, why hasn’t Catholicism shared the same fate?


George Bernard Shaw on belief in the Bible

Dennis Terry wants non-Christian to leave the United States…

He also wants Church and State to be the same thing. He wants to put (the Christian) God back in “our pulpits” and “our homes”…

These people just don’t get it. The founding fathers wanted liberty of religion (any religion) and they actually we’re escaping the Church-State union. The Church and State we’re and are to be kept separate, and the United States was never a Christian nation to begin with.

To make things worse, this speech was given as an introduction to presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Yes, Rick Santorum want to unite Church and State and turn the United States in a Theocracy. Santorum has been quoted saying that Church and State separation makes him want to throw up. If I we’re a believer, I would pray for that to never happen. I’m not, so I can just hope and vote someone else.

If Jesus we’re a Republican…

Break free from the chains of Superstition

See the difference

Prayer: How to do nothing and feel good about it.

What is Secularism?

Here’s an awesome short film made by David M. Beadle, explaining what secularism means by using the exact words of Robert Green Ingersoll.